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What is Factoring?

Factoring is often used synonymously with accounts receivable funding. Factoring is a form of commercial funding whereby a business sells its accounts receivable (in the form of invoices) at a discount. Effectively, the business is no longer dependent on the conversion of accounts receivable to cash from the actual payment from their customers, which takes place on typical 30 to 90 day terms. Businesses benefit from the acceleration of cash flow.

Factoring is considered off balance sheet funding in that it is not a form of debt or a form of equity. This fact makes factoring more attainable than traditional bank and equity funding.

There are usually three parties involved when an invoice is factored:

  • Seller of the product or service who originates the invoice.
  • Debtor and recipient of the invoice for services rendered who promises to pay the balance within the agreed payment terms.
  • Assignee (the factoring company)

Factoring Benefits

Factoring is a great and relatively inexpensive way to improve your cash flow and get the working capital your business needs.  Conventional borrowing increases a business' expenses and normally requires additional collateral. In the case of factoring, instead of analyzing a business' financial statements, the business is evaluated on the strength of its accounts receivables.  If the business has a product or service that it provides to a credit-worthy customer, then the business is a candidate for invoice factoring.  A typical advance is anywhere from 75% to as high as 95%, depending on the industry and volume of business.  Accounts receivable factoring does not create debt or require additional collateral. It is very simple to use. Cash can be obtained for invoices normally in 24 hours or less, and as often as the business needs.

This is what it means to your company:

  • You gain working capital without adding debt or diluting your equity.
  • Advantages of early payment discounts from suppliers.
  • Ability to purchase equipment that will increase your profitability.
  • It can protect and improve your credit ratings.
  • It can increase your sales through credit extensions.
  • And most importantly, it allows you to focus on the success of your business instead of worrying about your cash flow.​​

Why Factor Receivables?

For small or growing companies, much of their working capital is often taking its time to arrive from the client.  These companies depend on that capital, and more important that it arrives on time.  These struggles can impair a companies growth and damage supplier relations.

You can convert these receivables into cash via factoring.  When factoring you do not have to factor all of you're receivable, some companies choose to select only a portion of their clients.  Essentially what you will be doing is converting your accounts receivable to cash with a purchase and sale agreement.  You typically receive 75 percent of the invoice value upfront. Then you receive the remaining value once the client pays the factor, minus a factoring fee.

The Cash Factor

Converting accounts receivable to cash on hand is quickly becoming one of the preferred ways to provide immediate cash flow for your business. This simple process is called factoring.

You sell your accounts receivable to an investment company called a Factor and receive cash immediately while the Factor collects the invoices owed to you. With factoring, you retain complete control and ownership of your company…and you get the cash you need.

Profit Tool

Factoring gives you a valuable business management technique. You get the cash you need now to:

  • Meet current expenses, including payroll, taxes and other operating costs.
  • Purchase additional inventory to increase sales volume and ultimately, profits.
  • Fund expansion and growth plans.
  • Take advantage of early payment discounts offered by your suppliers.
  • Respond immediately to seasonal demands and opportunities.

No-Debt Solution

Unlike borrowing money to meet cash flow needs, factoring does not create debt. “Getting a loan” increases your ultimate expenses by the amount of interest, and reduces the bottom-line value of your company.

Loans also require collateral limited by your hard assets along with calendar-based reporting and minimal increases. Factoring is NOT a loan, so there is no debt to repay. Because the banking industry is in a constant state of doubt, with banks going out of business or the government taking them over, requirements for borrowing can change overnight. With factoring, that risk is eliminated. Factoring is based on your customers ability to pay.Your balance sheet is more attractive and your financial position is strengthened.

Too Good To Be True?

Because factoring can be the perfect solution for just about any type of business, it often appears too good to be true.

Successful businesses are employing the factoring process every day to solve problems, to create opportunities and to increase profits.

You can take advantage of this outstanding opportunity through Richert Funding, LLC. As both the innovator and the practitioner in the factoring industry, we are setting the standards for excellence in the application of the most valuable business management tool of the decade.

Put factoring and our company to work for you today. Let us evaluate how we can begin turning your receivable into immediate cash.

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