The factoring process is straightforward and uncomplicated. Richert Funding, LLC handles everything from running credit reports on new customers, providing payment instructions to existing customers, making collection calls and even taking legal action if necessary to collect your funds.


We are local and independently owned, financially strong, and provide low rates, immediate funding, and personalized service. Imagine the possibilities: You can start using your accounts receivable to buy more inventory, hire more employees and grow your business today! 

As a businessperson, you've long recognized the value of your accounts receivable.  Though it represents security, it falls critically short of being "money in the bank". That is where Richert Funding can help you.  We buy accounts receivable and give you cash immediately.  That allows you to start using your money right away!


"Sincere and very prompt is how I would describe Richert Funding. I would not be in business today without their service," said Jim Creel, Owner of Freedom Lighting.

Freedom Lighting
Mr. Jim Creel/Owner
Eaton Park, FL
Customer since 1992

About Us

"Richert Funding was able to help my client in a matter of days. Soon after I called Bart with the referral he made an appointment and met with the client. The process was explained, documentation was exchanged, and the customer was funded soon after. The client was happy to have another option when I couldn't help them and that is always helpful in keeping customers happy. When their cash flow becomes consistent then perhaps they can obtain bank financing and they understand that. Richert Funding works hand in hand with this philosophy."

Karen M. Giel
Banking Center Manager
CenterState Bank
Poinciana Branch